Is hypnosis same as autosuggestion?

First, we need to know what is “Autosuggestion”. It is defined as the influencing of your physical and mental state by thoughts or ideas that come from yourself instead of other people.

Hypnosis is the same as autosuggestion. Hypnosis is different from autosuggestion.

What? There is a contradiction here!

Actually not. Here is the explanation:

Why Same?

When we are talking about self-hypnosis, there is a possibility of you repeating some phrases on your own. That is, you choose the phrase and repeat them For eg. “I am getting calmer with each day.”

Why Different?

  1. In a therapy session, the hypnotherapist says some positive statements to influence your mind positively and the suggestions are not from yourself. It comes from the therapist.
  2. In self-hypnosis, you may be listening to an audio script (that is spoken by others).

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