Types Of Hypnosis

Tbere are broadly speaking 5 types of hypnosis. They are:

Daily hypnosis – Hypnosis that we experience on a daily basis such as daydreaming.

Self-hypnosis – Using hypnosis on oneself

Stage Hypnosis – A form of entertainment on stage in front of audience, using hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis induced by hypnotherapist to resolve issue on a person.

Conversational Hypnosis – Hypnosis that we used in conversations, that is in communications.

2 thoughts on “Types Of Hypnosis

    1. Hi, conversational hypnosis is in fact being used more subtly or unconsciously by normal people. For eg May I take a seat here? The question is polite and non- intruding so much so the answer you would get is a positive one. Consciously knowing what word to use could be a way to use conversational hypnosis in our daily life.


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