A Little Exercise

Close your eyes and relax!

Imagine you are at home.  You are sitting on the sofa and decided to get up and walk to where your fridge is. You open the fridge and feel the cool breezy air coming towards you.  You stretch your hand to get a lemon.

The lemon is bright yellow in colour.  It is cold.  You feel its texture. Then you close back the fridge and hear the fridge’s  ‘thuck’ sound.

You took out a knife and cut the lemon into half.  You squeeze the lemon into your mouth and instantly feel its coldness and sourness. Your eyes squeeze.

Okay…what you have just gone through is an exercise on using your imagination.  If you follow what is said, there will be sensory reaction in your body.  This is to let you know if you are capable of being hypnotized.

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