Our Eyes


Our eyes are one of the tools used to hypnotize people.

From my point of view, eyes can hypnotize people because:

a.   It is said that the eyes are window to the soul, as such looking into a person’s eyes can only let you communicate deeper with that person (be it verbal or non-verbal). If you look long enough you will feel as if there is no barrier between you and that person.

b.   Our pupil is small and round and darker in colour. It is set in the middle of our eye with whiteness around it. Our eyes tend to look at things that contrast in colour, it catches our attention. The sharper the contrast, the more it gets our attention.

Basically if we look at a thing for a period of time, our eyes tend to get tired with the mind then becoming dizzy. This is especially for a small thing like the pupil in the eye.

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