A Scene That Depicts Hypnosis

We all experience hypnosis a number of times a day.  This is because hypnosis is a very natural state of mind. 

I have found that a beach scene is a good example of hypnosis in action as the many activities there are related to hypnosis.

What do you normally see in a beach scene?  Let us get into some common activities:

Lying on the beach – The person is relaxing, and with the nature sound, soon he falls asleep. (Keyword for hypnosis: relaxation)

Listening to music or watching idol perform in a concert on handphone – The person hears only the music and almost disregard the many other things going around. (Keyword for hypnosis: mesmerize)

The children are playing sand and building sand castle – The children are happily building the sand castle and mummy call out to them for meal. They response back “wait”! (Keyword for hypnosis: focus on one task)

A couple quietly walk on the beach – They walk on the soft sand and are caressed by the incoming tide. They feel relaxed. They have forgotten their work burden at that moment. (Keyword for hypnosis: relaxation)

Simply sitting on the beach – They sit there doing nothing, only simply looking around. They listen to the incoming and outgoing tide, hearing the birds chirping, hearing the leave rustle when wind blows and feeling the soft sand.  (Keyword for hypnosis: in tune with nature)

Lying on the beach – The person does not fall asleep or do any activities, he just look at the vast sky and the longer he looks, the more he feels he is one with the sky. (Keyword for hypnosis : in tune with nature)

Reading a book – The girl sits on the beach with a favourite book on hand. She is absorbed in her reading and after a while she looks at her watch, an hour has passed. (Keyword for hypnosis: time distortion)

Just wake up – A person has slept there for quite a while. He just wakes up, open his eyes but his body is still lying down. He is still feeling sleepy. (Keyword for hypnosis: drowsy state)