How You Can Benefit From Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an alternative medicine that can resolve an array of issues faced in life. It is one among a few disciplines that is adopted to resolve a wide range of issues. Though it is used for many issues, it is generally effective in the many areas applied to.

This includes:

a. Illnesses – insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, stop smoking….

b. Achieving goals  – Get good study grades…,

c. Performances  – Improve concentration, better memory….,

d. Sports – Better mental focus and discipline….

Is NLP More Than Hypnotism?

NLP is the study of patterns of excellence in various fields and disciplines.

And one of the disciplines it studied is hypnotherapy, in particular, Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

NLP can be said to be the culminations of various tools and techniques that are mostly that of a conscious approach.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is using the unconscious communication techniques.

People who prefer to use a variation of techniques to achieve their goals or address their problems can look towards NLP. This is because it contains many tools to help one gets the desired results.

For instance, you can use Swish Pattern to eliminate a bad habit like nail biting. You can also use Anchoring to anchor yourself at a peak experience so that you can ‘recall’ these peak states at any time in the future.

If you are a person who would like to have only one tool and focus on it, then hypnotherapy is more suitable.

Similarly, hypnotherapy can eliminate bad habits and anchor for the future a particular state.

How Do You Predict Future?

How do you predict future – future of yours as well as other people?

One reliable way is by looking closely at what you are doing today and tomorrow and tomorrow…,tomorrow…

Our future is a result of our today/tomorrows actions.

If what you do daily are about taking incremental but progressive actions towards something worthwhile, then your chances of attaining that goal will be high (though no guarantees).

It is good enough if we can simply increase the probability of success and makes it in our favour. This can be done through our actions.

By actions, I do not mean occasional, sporadic actions that are done by mood. This type of actions are not going to produce the results we want in life.

Same thing applies to “seeing into the future” of other people.

You will be surprised how accurate that could be.

It is that simple.

Type Of Influence

One definition of Influence is: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Is influence good or bad?

One simple way to evaluate is by looking at the impact on the person being influenced. Does it bring benefits to that person?

For eg. Teachers could likely be a person to influence students.

A teacher who is hardworking, have good character and personality and is knowledgeable definitely provides a good role model to the students.

However, not all students will be influenced. Perhaps only a minority – those who aspire to be teacher or be successful in life when they grow up will look towards the teacher’s action and behaviour as an inspiration.

Influence can happen in both circumstances;

1. The subject having a desire or goal in mind and sees the person around her as an influence.

2. Being influenced unconsciously, as in TV advertisement ( a housewife may not have thought of buying that product previously but ended up buying after the advertisement).

Both are considered ethical and as an influence, they are not detrimental to the subject.

If a boy picks up smoking from his friends, it is a bad influence. Because smoking is not appropriate for young age person and it is not good for the health.

Therefore, an influence is good or bad would depend on whether it has positive or negative effects on the influenced person and the surrounding people.

Hypnosis can be considered a form of influence, but a good influence.

It Is Not Your Fault

People like to hear this phrase “it is not your fault”.

The tendency of human being is to assert that he or she is right most of the time. When challenged, they would defend themselves.

So it will come as a great pacifier if you were to use the phrase when making a speech or selling something. They would feel closer to you since they find that you understand them and stand side by side with them.

When you are on the same side as them, chances are they trust you more. A rapport could thus be easily build up.