How You Can Benefit From Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an alternative medicine that can resolve an array of issues faced in life. It is one among a few disciplines that is adopted to resolve a wide range of issues. Though it is used for many issues, it is generally effective in the many areas applied to.

This includes:

a. Illnesses – insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, stop smoking….

b. Achieving goals  – Get good study grades…,

c. Performances  – Improve concentration, better memory….,

d. Sports – Better mental focus and discipline….

Direct And Indirect Suggestions

Direct Suggestion is a direct form of suggestion to the hypnotized person, with him or her being aware of.

An example is “You are now going to close your eyes on the count of three.”

Indirect Suggestion is a suggestion made with the hypnotized person, with him or her being unaware of.

An example is “One is always feeling good when one is at a relaxed state.” In this statement, “One” is mentioned to refer to anyone and not directed at the person. Nevertheless, he will still feel himself as part of the “One”.


Hypnosis’ Awareness

People are becoming more aware of hypnosis, like what hypnosis is and what it can do to help for our well-being.

The old day’s mentality was gradually giving way to a better understanding.

The present hypnosis awareness is better than last time, but it is still not a fuller understanding. More work has to be put in by hypnotherapist and association to promulgate even greater understanding and awareness.


Does Tone Help?

The tone of a hypnotherapist can help in the hypnosis process.

Take for example in this statement “You are now going DEEPER into relaxation.”  The emphasis on the word “deeper”, spoke in a slow and stretched manner, helps to put the hypnotized person deeper into relaxation.

“When you see the colour GREEN, you automatically think of nature.” Here, the word “Green” is emphasised by a slightly louder tone. The tone emphasis gives the hypnotized person’s mind an alert so that he takes note of it.

Hypnotism Day

As in any important matters, a day is marked to celebrate an event that is of significance and remembrance for people.

Some events have no physical and national boundaries. They are supported and cherished by the world people or international communities.

A day is marked for hypnosis, known as Hypnotism Day. It is on the 4th January every year.

Unlimited Potential

Unleash Unlimited Potential

Our mind is really filled with unlimited potential. It is that powerful.

As Milton Erickson said “It is really amazing what people can do. Only they don’t know what they can do.”

Milton Erickson was a very outstanding hypnotherapist, these words came from him do carry some weights.

As you have seen in life that there are numerous unbelievable things being accomplished. But most people do not demonstrate their unlimited potential not because they lack of, but they don’t know what is it they want in life.

By setting and focusing on the goals (desire you have), you can unleash your inner power and achieve great things.


Quote from Milton Erickson:

“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.”

I agree with the statement. Very often people hope they can access the part of the higher mind to gain some insights. But this is something that is not easily achievable to most people.

A surer and easier way is through change. Change can include the change of your perspective – on how you look at things. By changing your perspective, you are expanding what is possible. When your context is enlarged, you have more newer information. And this is Insight.

Appreciation And Understanding

A quote from the famous hypnosis Pioneer, Milton Erickson:

“One’s appreciation of, and the understanding of the normal or usual is the requisite for any understanding of the abnormal and unusual.”

Based on this quote, I adapt it to:

“If one can understand and appreciate the brain’s structure and functions, and know the two minds – conscious and subconscious, he would have gained the fundamentals to hypnosis.”