How You Can Benefit From Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an alternative medicine that can resolve an array of issues faced in life. It is one among a few disciplines that is adopted to resolve a wide range of issues. Though it is used for many issues, it is generally effective in the many areas applied to.

This includes:

a. Illnesses – insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, stop smoking….

b. Achieving goals  – Get good study grades…,

c. Performances  – Improve concentration, better memory….,

d. Sports – Better mental focus and discipline….

How Do You Predict Future?

How do you predict future – future of yours as well as other people?

One reliable way is by looking closely at what you are doing today and tomorrow and tomorrow…,tomorrow…

Our future is a result of our today/tomorrows actions.

If what you do daily are about taking incremental but progressive actions towards something worthwhile, then your chances of attaining that goal will be high (though no guarantees).

It is good enough if we can simply increase the probability of success and makes it in our favour. This can be done through our actions.

By actions, I do not mean occasional, sporadic actions that are done by mood. This type of actions are not going to produce the results we want in life.

Same thing applies to “seeing into the future” of other people.

You will be surprised how accurate that could be.

It is that simple.


Type Of Influence

One definition of Influence is: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Is influence good or bad?

One simple way to evaluate is by looking at the impact on the person being influenced. Does it bring benefits to that person?

For eg. Teachers could likely be a person to influence students.

A teacher who is hardworking, have good character and personality and is knowledgeable definitely provides a good role model to the students.

However, not all students will be influenced. Perhaps only a minority – those who aspire to be teacher or be successful in life when they grow up will look towards the teacher’s action and behaviour as an inspiration.

Influence can happen in both circumstances;

1. The subject having a desire or goal in mind and sees the person around her as an influence.

2. Being influenced unconsciously, as in TV advertisement ( a housewife may not have thought of buying that product previously but ended up buying after the advertisement).

Both are considered ethical and as an influence, they are not detrimental to the subject.

If a boy picks up smoking from his friends, it is a bad influence. Because smoking is not appropriate for young age person and it is not good for the health.

Therefore, an influence is good or bad would depend on whether it has positive or negative effects on the influenced person and the surrounding people.

Hypnosis can be considered a form of influence, but a good influence.

It Is Not Your Fault

People like to hear this phrase “it is not your fault”.

The tendency of human being is to assert that he or she is right most of the time. When challenged, they would defend themselves.

So it will come as a great pacifier if you were to use the phrase when making a speech or selling something. They would feel closer to you since they find that you understand them and stand side by side with them.

When you are on the same side as them, chances are they trust you more. A rapport could thus be easily build up.

Trance State – How To Get People Out Of It

Let me reveal to you a successful way to get people’s attention, even if their minds are preoccupied by many important matters. Would you wish to know?

But you can only be let in this secret in my next blog post.

For most people, they will react to the above with impatience, because we have just used one of the secrets to get the attention of people.

You see, every one of us at any moment is absorbed with our own thoughts (be it planning to do something, worry about something, finding solution to something etc).

This applies even to people who are reading a blog post or in a conversation or sitting there doing nothing.

They may physically be there but their mind is off to somewhere.

Therefore, getting people’s attention to what you are saying/writing is important. It is the first step to an effective communication.

Some authors called these “in a trance”, which is quite accurate. Trance is a state where your mind is absorbed in certain things.

Another word that describes this is Pre-occupied.

What you need is their attention out of the dozen things that are competing for their attention.

Only when they are focusing on what you are presenting, you are as good as not presenting at all.

They may not remember or only have only a vague memory of what you have said or done if they are attention-deficit towards you.

How then do you jolt them out of the trance?

One great technique that you can use is what I call the jigsaw puzzle. You give pieces of the complete picture. People will be curious to find out more.

This is especially so for the things they are interested in.

It is a fact that the human mind (the larger subconscious) likes the unknown. If the mind knew the whole picture, it will lose interest quickly unless there are more things to unfold before them.

Therefore giving bits of information would entice people quite effectively.

Have you seen movie trailer? This is an example of giving out some “exciting information” to get your attention.

Our mind is always trying to make sense of the world around us. By having a little data, this would trigger its curiosity to find data to complete the picture.

If the mind could not find the data, it will use its imagination faculty to imagine what is the missing thing.

Either way, whether you get people to think, imagine or look for something, you have gotten their attention.

You would have succeeded. But of course that is only the first step.

However without that first step, the outcome that you desire may not even be fruitful.