How You Can Benefit From Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an alternative medicine that can resolve an array of issues faced in life. It is one among a few disciplines that is adopted to resolve a wide range of issues. Though it is used for many issues, it is generally effective in the many areas applied to.

This includes:

a. Illnesses – insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, stop smoking….

b. Achieving goals  – Get good study grades…,

c. Performances  – Improve concentration, better memory….,

d. Sports – Better mental focus and discipline….


People will act according to what they believe. In other words, their behaviours are caused by their beliefs.

There is a NLP Presupposition – “No one does anything inappropriate given the model of their world”. And their model is based on what they believe.

For eg, it is a hot day at 34 degree celcius. But you are having a cold and you are shivering a bit. If I tell you it is so hot, your reality (the fact that you are shivering) would convince you that it is not a warm day. What occurs in your reality is what causes your belief, even the truth is it is a hot day at 34 degrees.

Similarly, if someone believes that hypnosis is fake or is some mind control method, they would not trust hypnosis.

Changes made at the belief level will affect how people view hypnosis or anything.



Being stubborn is a weakness.

If you are stubborn in ateas that you know will get you to nowhere, then it won’t do you any good. Yes, sometimes we need to stick to what we know. The main point is if by being stubborn does not help you, improve you, does you good, then sticking to your stubborness is non beneficial.

Stubborness is a result of what one beieves in and refuses to change. If it affects your life negatively or disempower you, now it is time to use your conscious mind to make a decision to stop it and then use a subconscious technique to help you to release it.

Using hypnosis to turn off your weakness and replace it with good traits is one subconscious technique.

Street Hypnosis

You have probably seen a hypnotist approaching his target in a train. He starts a casual conversation and also asks that person which station he is going.

The conversation carries on a while and then the hypnotist asks the person again which station he is going. Most of the people tested could not remember where they are going. They get carried away in the conversation.

Street hypnosis is the use of covert hypnosis. It is a little like magic – instead of using props, the hypnotist uses words to divert a person’s attention so that there is a ‘blind spot’.

Environmental Hypnosis

We are constantly bombarded with many things in our environment. Our mind will filter out majority and give attention to those that are more important. For instance, few people would stop by to look at a flower grown at the side of a busy walkway.

When too many things happen and we need to process them, our mind become overwhelmed and would turn away from these stimuli.

Take for example that you are typing on a computer rushing some work, and the phone is ringing. Someone then steps into the office asking for direction (and it happens you are the only person there). Just three things that happen at around the same time could possibly make you lose focus.

This is environmental hypnosis and is a common phenomena in our daily life.



Do you wish to get attention from the people you are speaking to? Well, we all want that.

One way you can do it is through hyperbole. It is an exaggerated expression.

For eg, you say: My workloads are like tons of bricks on my shoulders.

What would be the effect?

a. You get people’s attention because you exaggerated that your workload is so heavy that it weighs in tons. Although this is not literal, people immediately understand what you mean.

b. People would form images of bricks on shoulders when you say that.

If you are looking at ways to just get attention, this is a great way. It is different from covert hypnosis since it is not used to persuade or coerce people. But it is similar to covert hypnosis as both aim at getting people to focus their attention.

Inferred Suggestions

Inferred suggestion is also called Indirect suggestion.

It is commonly used in hypnotherapy because the words are directly communicated with the subconscious mind.

For example, in treating a client with an anger issue, the suggestions could be:

“All people like to hear words that are positive and kind.”

The use of “all” means everyone, and that naturally includes the client himself.

“Do you like to be uplifted or demoralised?”

This allows the client to have a choice to ask himself the question and gets the answer from himself. He is not being forced to take any suggestions.

“Everyone in this world has his or her own problems which they have to face.”

This suggestion makes the client feels optimistic since everyone has problems to face, and so is he. Thus, there is no need to feel too overwhelmed.