NLP & Hypnosis

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of pattern of excellence and using tools and techniques to eliminate bad habits and demonstrate peak performance.

Hypnosis is about entering into a trance state and using suggestions to work with our unconscious mind.

But why people always bring these two fields of discipline together? This is because NLP is the study of pattern of excellence found in experts in the various fields and disciplines. And a reasonable chunk of NLP studies is based on the study of Milton Erickson, a renowned hypnotherapist.  It is later developed into Milton Model in NLP. 


Which Is Not Alternative Medicine

Guess which one is not an alternative medicine:

a. Hypnosis

b. Traditional Chinese Medicine

c. Naturopathy

d. Medication for heart attack prescribed by a hospital doctor

e. Yoga

f, Herbal Medicine

g. Reiki

The answer is below:

d. Medication for heart attack prescribed by a hospital doctor – this is considered mainstream and not an alternative medicine.


A definition of the word “Inertia” says it is a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

People are prone to inertia, especially when it is time to take action. Instead of taking immediate action, they remain inertia or procrastinate.

Do you know that it actually takea a lot more effort to get pass inertia than when the momentum of action is already on?

Imagine a trolley filled with some heavy stuff. It stands there motionless (inertia) and if you were to move the trolley, you would need to expend quite a bit of energy to move it. However, once the trolley is already in motion, you do not really need as much of energy to push it.

In other words, starting anything could be tough at first but gets easy as time goes by,

Resistance To Trance

It is a fact that not everyone wants to be hypnotized.  Some people have a strong resistance towards being hypnotized.

If you were a hypnotherapist, what would you do? Just give up? Force the person to go into trance? Of course not!

What you can do is to adopt the opposite method of hypnosis known as indirect suggestions. People are resistant towards something because of their conscious mind. That mind is critical and does not easily believe in things. So instead of meeting it head on, we have to use a softer approach.

Example 1

Direct suggestion: Now close your eyes and relax.

Indirect suggestion: After a while, your eyes will be getting more tired, and you may then proceed to close your eyes.

Example 2

Direct suggestion: Start relaxing your leg muscles.

Indirect suggestion: In order to relax yourself and feel its benefits, you may begin to by relaxing your leg muscles.

Easy Now Or Later?

Let me ask you a question? Would you prefer to work hard at your goal now and then enjoy later or shelf aside the hard work needed to attain your goal now and enjoy life first?

If you are the person who would set your goal and start taking actions towards your goal and keeping focusing on it, then you are have the right mental attitude.  Sadly, most people adopt the wrong thinking by not willing to do anything working on their goal now and keep hoping that they can still achieve their goal later in life. In short, they postpone and postpone until it is too late.

Life is short! You are encouraged to condition or hypnotize yourself to think the right thinking so that you work hard now and enjoy your sweet success in the near future.

Active Unconscious Learning

Milton Erickson defines trance state as Active unconscious learning.

First, he believes that hypnosis is of the unconscious or subconscious mind. And everyone has a subconscious mind that is filled with resources. What he needs to do is to learn to communicate with the patient’s subconscious mind, speaks its language and build a rapport. The patient will then draw out from his own experience the resources that provide a solution to his problems.

Emile Coue

Emile Coue was a French psychologist and pharmacist who invented the “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” after he stumbled upon a patient who was cured by taking sugar pill instead of prescribed drug. This “self-healing” is known as Placebo Effect.

When a person believes something strongly, he will create a so-called Self-fulfilling Prophecy. For example, if you believe strongly that you can do a certain thing, your mind that believes in it will give command to the body to act it all out.

The self-hypnosis suggestions are probably used as a placebo effect.