How would you response to the word “revolutionary”?

I believe most people like this word because what it means could be “new”, “latest”, “up-to-date”, “changing”.

This word has its power to get people’s attention and induce our expectation. Our mind is open to new things and this word fits right in.

Although part of our mind likes to stay in the comfort zone, it also likes to seek new things.


The Objective Mind

You are walking on a street. An old lady comes up to you and asks you how to go to Point A. You tell her the direction. She thanks you and you continue your walk.

Question: Do you judge the lady for where she is going? No, right? You are not concerned about where and why she goes there.

Yes, this is how our subconscious mind works. What you input into it, it had no judgement or preference whatsoever. It just gives you the answer, just like you give the old lady your answer.


When we attend to something, we are giving it our attention. To attend means we are using one or more of our 5 senses.

If there is a plate of chicken rice in front of you, and you are hungry, you are likely to gobble down the food without paying much attention to what you eat.

If you are to be a judge for a food contest, and a similar dish is placed in front of you, what would you do? You will smell the food aroma, look at it closely for its colour and presentation, you will slowly taste it with your taste bud and feel its texture. You are engaging 4 out of your 5 senses (all except touch). You are attending to it.

When we attend to something, we are using our conscious awareness.

Using our conscious awareness

Affect Bridge

Affect Bridge is a regression.

Imagine a bridge that connects 2 ends, one end is the present time and the other end is the time where the first cause of the event/emotions occured.

The person is then regressed to that time and relive the memory.

Affect Bridge is effective in resolving emotional issue.


Have you a time where you felt drowsy? Definitely!

Recall a time where you took fever or running nose medicine and you felt drowsy. What is it like?

– your mind cannot concentrate well

– you don’t feel like thinking

If you got work to do, you still force yourself to think and concentrate even the medicine is taking effect.

Drowsiness is just like hypnotic state. You do not feel like thinking. In hypnosis, you can still force yourself to come up to wakeful state. In hypnosis term, it is known as “emerge”.

Like drowsiness, hypnosis can be a situation where the person felt too drowsy (relaxed) and just feel like closing their eyes. Though drowsy, it is unlikely that the person  will fall asleep because the hypnotherapist’s words keep the person’s mind engaged.

Quote About Subconscious

“When our subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it.”   Joseph Murphy

Isn’t this what happen in hypnotherapy? Our mind is in a state of heightened awareness and is very receptive to the positive suggestions planted by the hypnotherapist. It accepts without judgement or logical deduction. There is nothing standing its way.

Just the opposite, if the conscious mind is at the forefront, it will stand in the way for the idea to seep into the subconscious. It will form a barrier and thus keep most of the useful ideas and suggestions outside.

Express Or Suppress

If you look at things that are natural, you would see a pattern.  They need to be expressed.

  • If you are hungry, do you express it by grabbing something to eat. What if you suppress the hunger?  You may succeed for several hours but eventually your body will be too weak.
  • If you need to urine, you express it out by going to the toilet.  What happen if you suppress it? You may do so for a few hours but then, your urine will leak out and the bladder may be damaged.
  • If you need to pass motion, you do so by expressing it in the form of sitting or squatting in a toilet bowl/cubicle.  You may suppress it for even one or two days, but then you cannot not express it forever. It will still catch up to you,
  • If you are exhausted and need some sleep, you express it by going to sleep.  You can cause yourself to stay awake by exercising or taking caffeine.  But you will still fall asleep after some time.  You cannot suppress it for long.

However, it is important also that you express it healthily and constructively.. For example, when you feel hungry – you don’t eat twice or three times as much as your normal intake just to avoid being hungry.  You express it by taking the appropriate amount of meal. The same for sleep. To avoid sleep deprivation, you don’t sleep twice as long (16 hours instead of 8 hours).  You still need to express it appropriately.