Circumstances Not For Hypnosis

Circumstances Unsuitable For Hypnosis

A few circumstances are not appropriate to do hypnosis. They are:

  • Under medication influence
  • Intake Of alcohol
  • Not feeling well, especially headache and drowsy
  • In extreme emotional feeling such as very angry or very sad

Any Time For Hypnosis?

Is there a suitable time (timing) for hypnosis? Actually, there isn’t.

But it would be good if one can avoid the following time to do hypnotherapy:

a. When you just wake up (including after a short nap)

b. When you are about to fall asleep (short nap included)

The above are time when your mind is sleepy/drowsy.

Deep Hypnosis (continue..)

Deep hypnosis is normally reached through a long induction of about 20 mins. At this level, there is mental and body relaxation.

Broadly categorized, somnambulism is one of the deeper hypnosis level. But do you know that we seem to enter into this level of hypnosis naturally without the need to be induced?

Surely you have some experiences where you were looking for something and cannot find it, when it is just right in front of you! One level of somnambulism is that we can’t see something that is physically there.

Isn’t this peculiar? We enter into deep hypnosis when we are awake and not mentally or physically relaxed?

What is the possible explanation?

Overt Hypnosis

We have learned about Covert Hypnosis, which is a form of subconscious mind communication. It is done in normal conversation and the targetted person who is in conversation is not aware that he is being hypnotised.

Conversely, Overt Hypnosis is done openly whereby the hypnotised person is aware he is in hypnosis. He could tell from the body language of the hypnotising person.

The Risk Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis’ Risk

One risk of hypnosis is after emerging from the trance. The person may not have completely ‘recovered’ from the hypnotized state. If he drives his car back after the session while still in half daze, there is a possibility of a car accident.

It is like you just wake up after a night’s sleep, and goes right ahead to drive your car. Your mind is still in a drowsy state and is not able to focus well. That is the danger! Of course, accident may not necessarily occur as a result but it does increase the possibility of you getting into danger.

Hypnosis Is Wide

I can tell you that if you were to ask people what is hypnosis in detail, most of them will only give you the few characteristics of hypnosis – trance like, relaxation, heightened awareness, focused attention etc.

Even trained hypnotherapists may not give you a more complete answer.  This is because hypnosis is too wide that to contain it within a few characteristics and descriptions is actually shortchanging it. 

Perhaps I will come up with a book on the definition, characteristics and concepts of hypnosis in the near future. The book will give a more complete answer (current hypnosis’ understanding by people are limited). When the time comes, I shall disclose it in this blog! Keep a lookout!