Convince Yourself Of A Powerful Mind

It has been known for centuries that our mind possess unlimited potential and power. This had been demonstrated through many channels and in different disciplines. One of the methods used to show the power of our mind is hypnosis.

You probably have already come across how hypnotists are able to get the audience to do according to his bidding in on-stage hypnosis. In some situations, people are literally able to demonstrate feats that they would not be able to do when in normal wakeful state of mind. Unbelievable things like the ability to withstand icy coldness for a long duration; the ability to write out some historical literature that the person herself has no prior knowledge of; the sudden lost of strength to lift up a light pen etc.

Due to the unbelievable demonstration, many people are skeptical of the show. It has been labelled as something of a mind control or classified as a fake thing (like what magic does – to show something normal people cannot do but is fake in reality).

People could be right, when something is too good to be true, their belief system cannot accept it. They would then reject it if they are not able to figure out how to actually do all these feats.

To clear people’s ideas about certain things, especially things they find hard to believe in, we have to prove it to them. What is the the best way to do the proving? It would be none other than letting the person experience it first hand, through simple exercise.

Here I am going to talk about 2 simple exercises that one can go through and find what the mind is capable of doing.

Exercise 1

The first exercise requires you to partner with a friend or family member. Start with yourself standing straight. Now swing both your arms forward in a circular movement. Try to swing as big a circle as you can. Let your partner take note of how big a circle you have “drawn” in the air.

Now, close your eyes and see in your mind’s eyes that you are swinging your arms in the same direction but much further than what you have just done. When you have done the imagining, physically swing your arms forward based on what you have seen in your mind’s eyes.

Let your partner observe and then tell you the difference.

You should have made a much bigger swing the second time compared to your first swing. The first swing you were told to swing as big a circle as you could. Why then you could outstretched it on the second swing? This is because your imagination, which is one great function of your subconscious mind, helps you to stretch it much further.

Exercise 2

If you have a pendulum at home, you could use it. If not, find a finger ring and tie it with a string. The length of the string could be around 20 cm.

Hold the string and ring in front of your chest with your hand stretched out straight. Hold and still the string and the ring. Now think in your mind that the ring is swinging in a clockwise direction (all the while not moving your fingers that may affect the slightest movement). Stop the swing by thinking it stopping. When it has stopped, now think of the ring swinging anti-clockwise. (You could do the forward and backward / leftward and rightward movement too).

What did you just experience? The ring is moving according to your bidding. Isn’t this amazing? You have physically stopped any movement of your hand and fingers but the ring still swing…..

The above two simple exercises clearly demonstrate that you have the ability to control your mind and the ability to tap into the unlimited reservoir of your subconscious mind power.

This is what hypnosis does – it uses imagination (as in the first exercise) and your body automatic unconscious response (ideomotor) – as seen in the second exercise.