The Key To Hypnosis

What is the key to hypnosis?

There is more than 1 key. There are a few.

It depends on what type of hypnosis we are talking about:

In hypnotherapy session, Relaxation is the key.

In stage hypnosis, the physical parts of our body is the key eg the eyes and the head.

In street hypnosis, subconscious related words is the key.

In self-hypnosis, Relaxation enhanced by music is the key.

Hypnosis Quote

A quote for hypnosis:

“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react and modify the messages that the body send to the mind.” ~ New York Times

Yes, hypnosis is a tool used for our body and mind control.  Like in the example of your hand immersing into an icy cold water and the hand’s ability to withstand the coldness for a period of time. It clearly exhibits the power of mind tapped to regulate the body.

The Boredom Technique


Even boredom can be used as a hypnosis tool.

Yes, it is one of the natural induction method.

What happen when you are bored?

– Your Mind begin to drift away

– You stare blankly at something and your mind is also in a blank

– You yawn and yawn

– You don’t feel positive emotions like happy, enthusiastic, excited etc

Let us say if you start talking of a topic that your friend has no interest in, observe what he or she would do. 

Boredom is a fast way to send a person into a trance. People may not detect that you are putting them into hypnosis because being boring is so natural.

Tapping Into Potential

Everyone has potential.  This is an undeniable truth!  But the truth is also not everyone found their potential and express it.  So how do we tap into the sea of potential?

One effective way that we can use is hypnosis because it communicates directly with our subconscious mind which is the source of all our potential.

Hypnosis can do the following:

a. Improve your performance in area that you are already good at.

b. Uncover new abilities that you never thought of having.

c. Help to heal your illnesses (though not all illnesses applicable) and restore to good health.

d. Put you in certain state eg relaxed, powerful, confident state.

Hypnosis – Nothing To Be Afraid Of

I can understand why some people are apprehensive about hypnosis – they lack clear understanding of it. 

Fear not, for there is nothing to be afraid of. People are already subjected to hypnosis several moments in a day.  This occurs naturally.

People are afraid because the hypnosis that they associate in their mind is stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  These are done by inducement. 

Whether induced or happen naturally, it is still hypnosis. To put it very simply, hypnosis is about consciousness. Whether you are in a conscious mind state or subconscious mind state, it is still part of our consciousness. 

Are people afraid of consciousness?

The Different Induction

There exist many induction techniques to get people into a hypnotic state. It ranges from techniques that involves the eyes, the head, the hand, the posture, the muscles, the breathing, the arms and so on.

These techniques uses the relaxation of the mind and body or the use of words to put the person into state eg. the word sleepy, drowsy, dizzy etc.

Whether an induction is a fast one (ie it takes seconds) or a long one that takes 20 minutes or so, it revolves around mind/body and words.

Natural Hypnosis

Natural Hypnosis refers to hypnosis that occurs naturally without the inducement of a hypnotist. Eg when you are absorbed while reading a favourite book.

How frequent does it occur? The answer is very often. But the frequency also depends on individual and surrounding factors.

If a person does not sleep well or is in constant fatigue, then he may enter into hypnosis easily. It also does not matter the time of the day, for hypnosis can happen at any time.