Words That Appeal To Our Subconscious Mind

Have you noticed that there are some words that we pay attention to and some that we do not really take notice?  This is because some words are able to trigger an emotional response from our subconscious mind.

Words Stir Emotions
Some words can appeal to our subconscious, it is hypnotic!

Words that are sensory based can bring out our feeling. Sensory words are words that associate with our 5 senses, namely visual, auditory, kinesthetic, taste and smell.

Let us take a closer look at each category of words:


Obviously, these are words that are to do with our eyes.


  1. Paint a picture in your mind of a vast landscape that stretch to the horizon.
  2. Please read my mind when I tell the story.
  3. This is beautiful and I have never seen it anywhere else.


This has to do with our hearing.


  1. The car makes a loud screeching sound that is almost deafening.
  2. Boom…there is a loud explosion outside.
  3. Ring…ring… someone please pick up the phone.


This is about touch.


  1. The smooth silky cloth is suitable for the dining table cloth.
  2. This stone is coarse and needs to be smoothen before we can use for the project.
  3. That small sharp edge pricks like a needle.


This has to do with our taste bud.


  1. The soup is still hot.
  2. Yummy! The chocolate tastes really good.
  3. This sweet is as sour as lemon.


This appeals to our nostril.


  1. The aroma of the bread surely freshens us up.
  2. Breathe deeply the fresh air.
  3. The pungent smell turns us off.

In addition, there is one category of words that are linked to feeling. 


  1. You are so peaceful that nothing could disrupt you.
  2. His state is almost zen-like, it is awesome.
  3. She cries with joy upon hearing the good news.

If you want to be more specific, you could find out whether a person is more inclined to visual, auditory or the other sensory. For instance, if I am a visual person, I would surely like words that are associated with sight. Therefore, words such as pretty, yellow, clear, far etc would make me understand what you say better. Because I understand better, I am more willing to listen to what you say – it gets my attention.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), there is a chapter that cater to these sensory association.  It is part of how our brain functions. Likewise, hypnosis script uses sensory based words. Examples are:

  • Imagine yourself walking on a white sandy There is no one around.  You feel relaxed. As you are feeling more and more relaxed, you become peaceful.

Sensory based words are not necessarily the only one that appeal to our subconscious.  There is another category of words that are frequently used by advertisers. The words used include Free, How To, Instantly, Revolutionary, etc.

In covert hypnosis, hypnotist often uses words that talk directly to our subconscious mind. Words used include Stop, Imagine, Because and so on.